Amazon FBA VS FBM | Difference Between FBA and FBM | When to use FBA OR FBM?

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Amazon FBA VS FBM. In this video, you will learn the difference between FBA and FBM business models on Amazon with their Pros and Cons. FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) means you are going to use Amazon services to fulfill, pack and ship your item to the buyer using Amazon services. Once you start using FBA, Amazon does it all by itself for you. FBM (fulfillment by Merchant) means you are going to fulfill, pack, and ship orders by yourself. In this Model Everything, you have done by yourself, Amazon has nothing to do with the services. When to use FBA OR When to use FBM? FBM Your products are oversized or heavy Your excellent customer service practices are in place Your inventory turns over slowly You have sufficient space to store your inventory You want more control over your customers Do you want greater margins? You can reduce expenses involved in fulfilling your own products FBM Your products are small and lightweight Do you prefer Amazon to manage customers and customer service Your inventory turns over quickly You don’t have the space to store your products You want to ease customer’s mind by Amazon customer service You don’t mind paying extra FBA fees Your expenses would be higher if you fulfilled your own products Conclusion: So, is FBM/FBA which one is right for your business? The answer to that question depends on a few factors, but overall it’s a great choice to use the FBA model to save time and to grow your business and not waste time on picking, packing, and shipping – especially if you’re already selling on Amazon. But if you have products that have low margins so definitely you have to go with FBM. You can also contact us if you need our services about: • HIRE US TO MANAGE YOUR AMAZON BUSINESS • AMAZON ACCOUNT CREATION • COMPANY FORMATION • TAX FILING IN USA/UK/PAK AND OTHER COUNTRIES • BUSINESS BANK ACCOUNT IN USA/UK • WEBSITE DESIGN/ WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT • GRAPHIC DESIGNING / ANIMATION WhatsApp us: +923418042009