Amazon FBA Wholesale Complete Course | Lecture 02 Product Hunting | FBA Wholesale Course In Urdu

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This is the ongoing Amazon FBA Wholesale Complete Course. In this video, you will learn how to find the best product to sell on Amazon by using the KEEPA tool. Product Hunting is the most important part of this business. If you are able to hunt the profitable products then you will save your time after getting supplier approval because many people waste time on getting approvals but they have no single profitable products to sell on Amazon. The method we used for product hunting is also known as REVERSE SOURCING. STEPS OF PRODUCT HUNTING FOR FBA WHOLESALE BY KEEPA Tool ARE: 1- Input some data to obtain the list of products according to the criteria. 2- Make some filters and download the product data in the excel sheet. 3- Do analysis of products one by one. 4- Find the Brand/Supplier data of the selected products by Google. 5- Maintain the sheet properly for simplified working. After seeing this video, you will know how to do product hunting, find the data of brand/suppliers and maintain the sheet for simplified working. You can also contact us if you need our services about: • HIRE US TO MANAGE YOUR AMAZON BUSINESS • AMAZON ACCOUNT CREATION • COMPANY FORMATION • TAX FILING IN USA/UK/PAK AND OTHER COUNTRIES • BUSINESS BANK ACCOUNT IN USA/UK • WEBSITE DESIGN/ WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT • GRAPHIC DESIGNING / ANIMATION WhatsApp us: +923418042009