How to Create Shipment Plan with NEW AMAZON WORKFLOW | Step by Step Send Inventory to FBA 2022

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In this video, you will learn how to create a shipment plan with the new Amazon workflow. Amazon has now changed its navigation and workflow, so to add your product or create a shipment plan you should watch this video completely for a better understanding. In the previous video, we taught how to add a product on Amazon seller central on the new version/navigation. You should watch that video first before you start watching it. The shipment plan is a crucial step because if you made any mistake in creating a shipment plan you can lose your inventory. Don’t Forget to Recheck: * Your ship from address * Quantities of each SKU sent to FBA * Number of boxes, dimensions, and weight. * Prep services and labeling requirements. * Paste labels properly according to the guidelines of Amazon You can also contact us if you need our services about: • HIRE US TO MANAGE YOUR AMAZON BUSINESS • AMAZON ACCOUNT CREATION • COMPANY FORMATION • TAX FILING IN USA/UK/PAK AND OTHER COUNTRIES • BUSINESS BANK ACCOUNT IN USA/UK • WEBSITE DESIGN/ WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT • GRAPHIC DESIGNING / ANIMATION WhatsApp us: +923418042009