Amazon FBA Wholesale Complete Course | Lecture 03 Data Management | FBA Wholesale Course In Urdu

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This is the ongoing Amazon FBA Wholesale Complete Course. In this video, you will learn these two objectives: 1- How to do product analysis in very simple steps 2- How to do data management to keep you work simplified and up to date. Product Analysis means you will look into product statistics through KEEPA and Helium 10 tools and concluded that should we go with this product or not. And in Data Management, you will collect and save the brand/supplied information in the sheet to simplify your work and easy to understand. This will save your too much time to boost your work ability and in this way you will able to achieve good results very soon. You can also contact us if you need our services about: • HIRE US TO MANAGE YOUR AMAZON BUSINESS • AMAZON ACCOUNT CREATION • COMPANY FORMATION • TAX FILING IN USA/UK/PAK AND OTHER COUNTRIES • BUSINESS BANK ACCOUNT IN USA/UK • WEBSITE DESIGN/ WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT • GRAPHIC DESIGNING / ANIMATION WhatsApp us: +923418042009